On The Road Again (Written by Dylan)

Hey Support Team,

Holly and I will be on the move again next week. We will be making the drive from North Carolina back to Arkansas. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here! We have grown closer together and closer to the Lord. Our family and partners here have been such a blessing to us. It has been great for us to be able to deepen our relationship with Englewood Baptist Church while we were here. Englewood is not only a crucial partner for International Church Planters but for Holly and I as well.

They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.
— Jesus (John 17:16)

The Lord has shown us so much more of his love during this trip. It is easy to get discouraged from time to time, being on the move a lot. You miss people and places and nowhere really feels like home. The Lord has been working on us through this experience to really rest in the fact that nowhere on this earth is home. We are just sojourners here and we are beginning to find rest in that truth. We are forever grateful for the many people that God has used here in North Carolina to reveal himself to us in different ways. God used many people here to encourage and build us up, also to continue to confirm God's call on our life.

It is a bittersweet time to be on the move yet again. However, we are very excited about being back in Arkansas. We will be very busy this summer working with the ICP team, the churches of Conway-Perry Baptist Association, and connecting with all of our support team to discuss the future. Speaking of the future...

Holly and I are not yet ready to fully disclose what our future is going to look like in the coming months because the Lord has not yet fully confirmed it in our hearts. We have a few crucial meetings in the coming weeks that will help to make this decision more clear for the two of us. Holly and I would ask that all of you would pray for this specifically. Pray that the Lord would guide Holly and I, that he would give us wisdom and discernment by the power of his Spirit. We desire to put ourselves in the position where we can most effectively be used by him so please join us in praying for that. 

We are so appreciative of all of you. We lift each of our support team members up in prayer by name every week. Please do not forget about the Prayer Wall on our page. It has up to date   prayer requests for Holly and I. Keep in mind that you can still send us prayer requests for yourself via the website as well. 



                                      Love, D&H

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