Keeping Up With The Andersons-Written by Dylan

Good afternoon support team, 

I write good afternoon but I realize many of you will not see this until it arrives in your email inbox bright and early in the morning. So, for those of you that receive it then, good morning! I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a quick update on what Holly and I have been up to and also share with you a little of what has been going on with International Church Planters.

Holly and I are currently in Nashville, North Carolina. This is in eastern North Carolina close to where Holly grew up. We are staying with a wonderful couple that is a vital part of our support team and wonderful friends to Holly and I. Thus far we have been splitting our time stateside between Arkansas and North Carolina. Both places are near and dear to Holly and I and both places are vital to the ministry of International Church Planters. Soon, Holly and I will have to make the decision on where the two of us will plant roots. Both places will always be like home to us but we must make a decision. We would appreciate the continued prayers from each of you in this are, that the Lord would give Holly and I clarity and unity in this decision. 

During our time here we are hard at work. Holly is trying to finish her degree. She has one class left and she is pressing hard to try to complete it early so that she can graduate at the end of this next month! I will be glad when it is over so I can have my wife back! On top of the large workload of this class, Holly has been hard at work in her new role as Social Media Maven for ICP. She has been tweaking the website and keeping people around the world informed about ICP and what they are doing through social media and newsletters. By the way, if any of you aren't receiving ICP's monthly newsletter by email please let me know! I have been hard at work studying. It is my desire to be able to teach one of our pastor's training courses in another country. I teach an online course on Wednesday nights to a group of young adults from Houston Baptist Church. It is not only a tremendous blessing to me to be able to spend time in the Word with my peers but it also allows me to practice and hone my study and teaching ability. We are currently moving expositorily through Galatians. I have created a new page on our website that has all of the sessions of this course recorded if any of you would like to view them. Click the button below to view those. 

I am also working my way through a textbook on Systematic Theology. As a part of my training, ICP president Ryan Bush has asked me to create teaching lessons on each aspect of these doctrines and be prepared to teach them. Preparing these lessons will cause me to dive deeper into the Scriptural evidence of these foundational doctrines. I am thankful for the time that ICP is investing in teaching and training me as I grow and work alongside this ministry. 


I am also working on the networking and logistics part of my responsibilities as well. Helping to plan upcoming trips and contacting local churches and individuals sharing about what we do and asking them to seek the Lord in partnering with ICP. In addition to seeking out new partners for ICP, Holly and I still have not reached our financial goal for 2018. We are still praying that the Lord would grow our support team this year.

We are just under 10% away from reaching our goal! If you know anyone that might be interested in partnering with us please let us know. It is only because of the Lord bringing each one of you onto our team that we are able to serve him in this way. 


This is a picture of a Didache Institute (ICP Pastor's Training Cycle) graduate in Murang'a Kenya teaching at a pastor's conference to recruit new students for the next cycle of courses. The key to successful Christian missions is reproducibility and sustainability. International Church Planters desires to teach indigenous people to do the work of the ministry among their own people. The picture you see here is the beginning of that. Fifteen pastors just graduated our first cycle of training in Murang'a, Kenya. Five of those pastors have been brought alongside us to begin to co-teach the next round of pastor's classes later this year! The same thing will be happening in Ecuador after the two institutes there graduate at the end of April. We are excited to see how the Lord is using the church in North America to help strengthen, equip, and encourage the growth of the church in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia!


Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for Holly and Dylan as they seek to prepare to make a decision on where to plant roots.

Pray for Dylan as he seeks to continue to deepen his knowledge and understanding of the Word. 

Pray for Holly as she is on the home stretch of finishing up her degree.

Pray that the Lord would continue to grow Holly and Dylan's support team. 

Pray for all of the outgoing and incoming students of the Didache Institutes across the world.


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