Smooth Criminal- Written by Dylan

Hello team, Holly and I are back in Arkansas now. We are sorry that it has taken us so long to send an update on our most recent trip. It has been a very interesting few weeks. 


So, last time we talked Holly told you that we were just coming off of about a week and a half honeymoon on the coast of Ecuador. After the last post, we began two weeks of ministry in two separate locations in Ecuador. The first week was in Shushufindi and the second was in El Tambo. In both of these locations, I was in charge of the oversight of Module 5 of the Didache Institute. Module 5 included two indigenous pastors courses on Systematic Theology in both locations. Systematic Theology looks at themes throughout Scripture to help us better understand and explain doctrine. Module 5 also included a women's course in both locations that taught the women teaching techniques. This course was geared to prepare the women to lead children's classes and Bible studies in their own congregations. In Shushufindi, Module 5 also included children's training which was conducted by my beautiful wife Holly and a youth pastor from another church in the US. In Tambo Holly assisted the women's teacher with her course. 


Church Plant Excursion

Holly and I got the opportunity to go with a local church in Shushufindi to one of their "missions." This "mission" was a church plant. This church of about 50 members partners with another church in the area to share the responsibility of at least three other small church plants in rural parts of the jungle. Different church leaders take turns travelling to these church plants during the week to conduct worship services in the evening when families get back from the fields. This particular church plant was about 20-30 people strong and meets in the middle of a cacao field under a small wooden home by the light of a single light bulb. This single light bulb is the only light for miles so it draws a ton of bugs... These people meet together late at night once a week swarmed by hundreds of bugs just to learn more about God and worship him. This is why we do what we do. We teach and train church leaders to equip and mobilize them to plant other churches among their own people. Please pray for all of our Didache Institute students all over the world as they engage in similar works for the glory of God. 


Smooth Criminal

So, many of you have already heard but I had some immigration issues in Ecuador this time. The immigration laws in Ecuador are unclear and very confusing. Not to mention, they changed last year and the government employees are still trying to adjust to the new system. All of that being said there were some misunderstandings and I was actually in Ecuador illegally on this last trip. I had to visit an immigration police office and by the grace of God, I was able to pay a small fine and get it cleared up. However, I cannot return to Ecuador until later this year. This is going to put a damper on our plans. Holly and I were supposed to return to Ecuador at the end of April and stay until August for three weeks of mission teams and language school. Now, we are no longer going to be legally allowed to do that. So, Holly and I are seeking the Lord's guidance as to what our summer will look like. 

How you can pray-

Pray for Holly and I as we seek the Lord's will on where to establish roots. We will be staying in a missions house in Conway, Arkansas for February and March. After that, we will be staying at a missions house in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for April and May. In both locations, we will be working for International Church Planters stateside and seeking the Lord's guidance on where he would have us plant our family. 

Pray for Holly as she is working on a Genetics class online to finish up her degree. Holly will also be taking on all of the social media and marketing for ICP. This will be a big transition for her as well as being married to some big goofball (me). 

Lastly, pray that the Lord would continue to add to our support team. We are less than 10% away from meeting our financial goal for 2018. We need your help to get there! We love being able to serve the Lord in this capacity and couldn't do it without the Lord choosing to use you to work with us!


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