Missions Journal- Kenya, September 2017- Entry 5

Kotiang (Continued)


Friday morning we were able to rest for a little while before Pastor Dixon came to get us to do home visits. Pastor Dixon arrived with a deacon from the church to pick us up late morning. This gentleman's name was also Samson, however, he wasn't as large as Samson 1. Samson 2 was almost eighty years of age and was in great shape. After eating breakfast we left on foot to begin our visitations. It is the rainy season in this part of Kenya right now so everywhere we walked was in thick, red clay mud. We walked through fields and up and down hills. Periodically we would stop at a church members house, chat and pray for a while. I want to share one particular visit with you.


One of the homes that we stopped at belonged to a man named Jared. Jared was probably in his mid 50's. He invited us into his home, as we sat in his living room we met his wife and teenage son. As I spoke with them I found out that Jared's wife is a believer and has been attending Pastor Dixon's church. Jared was not a believer, Dixon has spent much time sharing truth with Jared. I asked Jared what barriers in his life were holding him back from repentance and belief. He shared that he doesn't have time for Church, that he works all day and night and still struggles to provide for his family. I attempted to continue to share truth with Jared but it was becoming obvious that his heart was hardened to it at the moment so we prayed for him and moved on.

How many of us are like Jared? Even self-proclaimed Christians, so many times we act like we don't have time for Jesus. We need to remember that the time we have belongs to Jesus. To fit the other things in our life around Him, not to try to fit Him into our lives. Please pray for Jared as he continues to wrestle with flesh, also pray for Pastor Dixon as he continues to visit and share with Jared. 


 After a few more visits we headed back to Samson 1's house. We had walked over five miles and were pretty tired. After eating dinner Perry and I turned in early. The next day we met with Dixon and the church leaders to teach them about discipleship. Perry led this course and it was very productive. This church seems very strong. Dixon has a good vision and the rest of the leadership seems very strong. I was encouraged by this visit and I cannot wait to hear about the great things that Kotiang Baptist Church is doing in the future.


In the late afternoon, Dixon arranged for me to be transported back to the airport so I could return to Nairobi. Perry was staying so that he could join Kotiang for a Sunday service, I had to return to Nairobi to meet two other men that were coming in from the states to be a part of the next weeks training.