Missions Journal- Kenya, September 2017- Entry 3

Kitale- Day 2


Wednesday was to be a full day of training for us at the school in Kitale. (Which I have found out by now that it is actually in a small community outside of Kitale called Kiminini Town.) The night before the pastor that started the school had asked us if we would prepare a message for the children to present on Wednesday morning. I took on this responsibility. The car came to pick us up at the hotel early Wednesday morning. When we arrived at the school the director of the school began to gather the students outside. I had been under the impression that I would only be speaking to one class, boy was I wrong. The director gathered all of the staff and the students in a muddy area in the middle of the school. All 300+ of them, ages 5-14. They gave us chairs in the front and many of the students performed for us. After their performance, I was asked to share. I got up and spoke to the crowd about who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are. I then used Hebrews 1:1-2 to talk about how God used to speak to His people and how He speaks to us now. I wanted to make sure to emphasize the importance of Gods Word being how He speaks to us today.

After this ceremony, we began the second and final session of the discipleship class with Pastor David now translating. There was a night and day difference! Pastor David did incredible translating and the students were very attentive and engaged. It was such a blessing to see the major change from the day before and for the men to be getting so involved. After the session was over we asked for some of the men to share what some of the major issues they were facing in their churches. The overwhelming and unanimous answer was lack of Bibles. The pastors shared that most members do not have the money to purchase their own Bible. They also shared that there are many “shallow” Swahili translations being produced to make money and sometimes it was very difficult to even find a reliable translation if you have the money to purchase one.


We left the men promising that we would keep them and their ministries in our prayers and that we would seek the Lord’s will in coming back in the future to conduct more training.

Thursday- Kitale to Nairobi to Kisumu

After finishing up the training on Wednesday evening in Kitale we went back to the hotel to rest before our flight back to Nairobi on Thursday morning. We would be returning to Nairobi for the day to rest and relax before catching a flight to our next destination late Thursday evening.

So, this is where we are. I am laying in a bed of a homestay (B&B) in Nairobi reflecting on the last few days. This trip has been a whirlwind so far…it has been a true eye opener. This has been my most trying trip yet overseas. From the long travel times and jet lag due to the time change, to the many flights being canceled and having to reschedule on the ground, to the leech in the shower and gecko on the wall in the hotel, to seeing so many people hurting and in desperate need of Jesus, to the cultural constraints left behind by many failed western missionaries….Many people want to “help” these ministers in Kenya by sending them a lot of financial help and material things….then, some of these individuals begin to see Western missionaries is a cash cow that never runs out of milk…it is a trap that many indigenous ministers and western missionaries fall into…sometimes “helping”, hurts. These men need strong training in the Word more than they need anything else. Many problems here could be solved if the ministers here were trained in Gods Word and were teaching it to their people, thereby creating healthy churches that could work together for the glory of God in this beautiful nation!


I have written this, and all of the previous entries in this Missions Journal from my hotel room here today because this is the first time that I have had an internet connection. I hope you have enjoyed the journal entries so far and that you will be praying for me and the other men at work here in Kenya! I will probably not have access to the internet for a few more days. We are heading to Kisumu tonight by plane, then driving over to Kotiang Baptist Church where we will be until Saturday evening. I have heard that this location is very rural and poverty stricken. I pray that you have been blessed by getting this look into what life has been like here in Kenya so far. Remember, if you are part of my support team then you are playing a big part in what our Lord is doing here in Kenya, I wouldn’t be here without you!

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