Ministry Update-October 2017

Hello supporters, It has been a little while since I have posted an update. Since I returned from Kenya in September I have been in preparation mode for Ecuador! Currently, I am sitting in the airport in Atlanta, Georgia waiting for my flight to Quito, Ecuador. This will be my last international trip of 2017 and also the biggest trip of the year!


This Ecuador trip will be in two parts. Part one will be in the Amazon jungle. We will be conducting Module 4 of our pastor's training and women's training institutes. The men will be learning about discipleship and evangelism. The women will be learning about what Scripture states that their role is in the home and in the church. In addition to our pastor's and women's training, we will also be conducting children's discipleship classes in the morning at a local school and children's ministry and evangelism in the park in the evenings. During this week of ministry, my primary focus will be on teaching junior high Bible classes in the morning, assisting with evangelism efforts in the park in the evening, and I will also be leading our team devotionals for the week!


The second part of this trip will be much more challenging for me personally. Next week we will have our biggest volunteer team of the year. Along with module 4 of our pastor's and women's training in the Andes Mountains, we will also be doing minor construction, children's ministry, evangelism, and a medical clinic! These type trips are so exciting for us because they give believers that are not primarily gifted in teaching the chance to be a part of what God is doing here through the ministry of ICP. Each day during this portion of the trip I will be taking a team of volunteers to one of our indigenous pastor's villages to set up a general medical clinic. Through this ministry, we are able to love on many people and introduce them to the gospel and to the local church. My primary responsibility for this part of the trip is organizational and logistical. I am in charge of making sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be and to make sure the many different aspects of our ministry are staffed effectively and flowing well. There are many different pieces to this puzzle and I pray that the Lord will use me to guide those pieces into their correct place to create the beautiful puzzle that He has designed. 

Please be in prayer for us as we prepare for two weeks of ministry in this beautiful country that I have grown to love so much! I hope to be able to post missions journal updates from the ground daily as I had hoped to do in Kenya. Be on the lookout for those, I look forward to sharing with all of you about what the Lord is doing in the beautiful country of Ecuador!